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September 13th PodCast


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A New Pilot is Born!!

I would Like to THANK, both Charlie and Milford, for me passing my Private Pilot Check-ride, today. Though true I want to be a pilot for 30+ years, money and Life kept getting in the way. After paying for my son, to get thru college debt-free. My mother told me its time I did some thing for me. Like so many people I was waiting for a SIGN, or something. That came 12/2010 went I took a discovery flight, which I won on your show, True it was a slow process, got my Sports Pilot Written out of the way ,1st, then no planes for LSA in the Jacksonville Market so took a lot of my training down in Apopka, Fl. Driving down about every 3 to 4 weeks, Due to the time and distance this was a slow process. Since when started I had never heard of a Medical Waiver and the process. Learning, about this, a little over year ago, I changed, got my 3rd Class medical and started working on Private Pilot License. So today prior to my exam I have, went thru 10 different instructors, flew in a total of 10 different Planes, and many different types, and logged just over 114 total hours, before my check ride, let’s not even talk to total cost. But I want to Thank both of you, for the Discovery flight, which got me motivated, and yes talking to me every week. Thank both of you for getting me started and being there, Thanks Again

Dan Gregory

 Charlie & Milford 

 Duckwing Charlie & Milford

in the Duckwing amphibian  


Saturday, September 13, 2014


Doc Bailey of Renegade Light Sport.com called into the show to talk about Renegade Light Sport's activities, including the Broken Wing Project, Events at the Renegade Light Sport facility at the Deland, Florida facility and S-P-A-R.... Sport Pilot Air Racing!... It looks like the first races will be at the Daytona International Speedway during Speed Week next year. Also, the Discovery Channel is showing interest in the programs as well... Keep your eyes skyward and smile when you see an airplane.. Know for sure that there are some happy people in it!!


Saturday, September 6, 2014


Milford and a Kiwi chat about sport flying and how great it is to all around the world. Charlie couldn't make it to New Zealand this time, but looks forward to visiting there soon!!



Thursday, August 7, 2014


Charlie and Milford are back to work!!... No, it's not work at all.... We Love making FlightTime Radio... Hope you enjoy it!!




Saturday, June 14, 2014


Charlie went on a road trip and visited several airports and did a touch of flying…. In a 1938 Waco YKS-6…. Milford and Charlie also talk about the AMA and their view on aviation flight medical exams… Check it out!


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There is a LOT of aviation going on these days. Be sure to check out events to fly to this weekend. If you are NOT a pilot.... well, that can be fixed too! Listen each week and we will give you the information needed to become a pilot!

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